Myrtle Terrace Apartments
55 W. Myrtle Street
Belmont, NC 28012
(Elderly housing)

Pick up Application at the Myrtle Terrace Apartments

  1. Obtain a printed application from Trudy Jones, Site Manager at 55 W. Myrtle Street.
  2. Complete the application in full. BHA cannot accept partial or incomplete applications;
  3. The Site Manager will enter your application when received.  Receipt of the application will determine your position on the waiting list.
  4. You will be notified when you advance near the top of the waiting list.

What happens once my application has been accepted?
All applications must be time and date stamped to be accepted by BHA. The application is reviewed and placed on the Myrtle Terrace waiting list in the order that it was received and ranked according to federal and state mandate.

Assuming that you meet the preliminary requirements, you will be mailed a letter indicating that you have been placed on the waiting list.

This letter does not guarantee that you will be housed, but merely acknowledges that your application has been accepted and placed on the waiting list pending further verification.

Can I, as an applicant, call to inquire about my application?
You can call the Site Manager at 704-8252446 during normal office hours to inquire about your application.

What happens if any of my information changes after my application has been submitted and I have been placed on the waiting list?
It is your responsibility to notify BHA of any changes in income family composition, employment status, address or phone number change, etc. You should contact the Myrtle Terrace Site Manager to update your application.

Failure to report any changes may cause your application to be purged from the waiting list and will require you to re-apply for housing at Myrtle Terrace. This will delay your possibility of being offered housing or assistance.

When will I receive an apartment?
Once your name comes to the top of the waiting list you will receive a letter from the property manager to attend a briefing. Here you will present all current verification of income, exclusions, etc. and final eligibility and rent will be determined. You will sign the lease, pay the rent deposit and any prorated rent if applicable and receive your key.

NOTE: Any correspondence from the Belmont Housing Authority does not guarantee that you will be issued a voucher. You must meet all screening criteria that the Belmont Housing Authority uses to determine if you will be issued a voucher.