A complaint: any issue raised about any activities impacting the Health and Safety of residents, employees or others which will adversely impact the quality of life, services for residents or the mission of the Belmont Housing Authority.

Step 1 Complaints Alleging:

  1. Discourtesy
  2. Infractions of lease requirements
  3. Illegal activities
  4. Cleanliness
  5. Safety
  6. Health
  7. Improper conduct of resident or staff

Will initially be submitted in writing (using the complaint template) to the Main Office of the Belmont Housing Authority, 51 Flowers Court. This information will then be entered into a permanent log to ensure proper and timely follow up on all complaints by the affected manager.

Step 2  Any employee can and will be expected to receive complaints from any source. The complaint will then be forwarded to the supervisor, who will then, ensure proper follow up and documentation takes place.

Step 3 The complainant, if known, will be notified within 7 days of the status of their complaint, if appropriate. In all cases, a final determination will be made and documented. Appropriate personnel will be involved which bring the complaint to a complete and satisfactory conclusion. Every effort will be made to allow the complainant to have a face to face or telephonic conversation at the conclusion of the investigaton or the response to the complaint.

Step 4 As soon as possible, an employee will be designated to investigate, take action or make recommendations for action or forward the complaint to the next appropriate party for action. The responsibility for notification will and follow up will always be carried out by the initial complaint taker except where otherwise appropriate.

Step 5 Any person on staff can take the initial complaint and then forward the complaint to appropriate personnel for proper follow up and documentation.

Step 6 At the conclusion of the complaint response, the disposition of the complaint will be logged into the permanent record and on the initial complaint form.

Step 7 The completed investigation will be forwarded to the appropriate supervisor for review and approval to close the complaint.

Step 8 The file will then be entered into the sequential file and returned to the appropriate supervisor for filing.

Step 9 In the case where the complaint is lodged against an employee, the results of the complaint will be entered into the employees personnel file.

Step 10 The completed investigation will be forwarded to the appropriate supervisor for review and approval to close the complaint.

Forwarding of a complaint to the next level for review or investigation:

Step 1 Should a complaint taker take a complaint that should be reviewed and investigated by someone other than the complaint taker, the complainant should be referred to the next supervisor to determine the most appropriate method for investigating the complaint.

Step 2 The person investigating the complaint will then assume the responsibilities as outlined above.

Review of Process:

Step 1 The Belmont Housing Authority Director will conduct an annual review and revise this policy as necessary.

Step 2 Seek approval of the Board of Commissioners.