Section 8 Assistance

The Gastonia Housing Authority administers the Section 8 program in Gaston County.  Visit their website at for information.

Myrtle Terrace Apartments
(Elderly & Disabled)
55 W. Myrtle Street
Belmont, NC 28012

Site Management Office
Property Manager – Julia Armstrong
Mondays and Thursdays
8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Tuesdays and Wednesdays
8:00 am – 2:00 pm

GEM Management Office:
Charlotte, NC
Josh Aliotti
[email protected]
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Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Tuesday, Thursday
8:00 am – 1:00 pm

Maintenance Emergency Repairs
Outside normal hours listed above

Myrtle Terrace Apartments
Elderly and Disable Individuals
Rural Development, HUD Section 8
55 W. Myrtle Street
Belmont, NC 28012

Site Manager: Julia Armstrong, GEM Management
Contact Email
Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, Friday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Telephone: 704-825-2446

Myrtle Terrace Apartments was constructed to provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible low-income elderly individuals and persons with disabilities. The property was constructed with an interest subsidized loan from Rural Development with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) providing rental subsidy.

The property is managed by GEM Management, a property management company based in Charlotte, NC.


Myrtle Terrace residency is limited to low-income elderly individuals. BHA determines your eligibility based on:

  • Your annual gross income
  • Elderly status, you must be at least sixty-two (62) years of age.
  • Disability status
  • U.S. citizenship or eligible immigration status

If you are eligible, BHA will check your references to make sure you will be good tenants. BHA will deny admission to any applicant whose habits and practices may be expected to have a detrimental effect on other tenants or on the project’s environment.


You must submit a completed application to BHA. This can be done by obtaining a printed application from Julia Armstrong, site manager, completing in full and returning to her. BHA cannot accept a partial or incomplete application.


You will be required to provide BHA with wage statements, other income documentation and a copy of your birth certificate to verify the information given on your application. BHA will also rely on direct verification from your employer, etc. You will be asked to sign a form to authorize release of pertinent information to BHA.


BHA will send you a letter informing you whether your application was accepted or rejected. If BHA determines that you are eligible, your name will be put on a waiting list. Once your name is reached on the waiting list, BHA will contact you to come in for a briefing. If it is determined that you are ineligible, the letter will explain the reason and you may request an informal hearing.


If you are offered an apartment and accept it, you will have to sign a lease and pay a security deposit and the first month’s prorated rent. BHA will fully explain the lease and all requirements to you before you move in. This will give you a better understanding of your responsibilities as a tenant and BHA’s responsibilities as a landlord.


Your rent, which is referred to as the Total Tenant Payment (TTP) in this program, is based on your anticipated gross annual income less deductions, if any. HUD regulations allow BHA to exclude from annual income the following allowances:

  • $480 for each dependent
  • $400 for any elderly family, or a person with a disability
  • Some medical deductions for families headed by an elderly person or a person with disabilities.

Based on your application, the BHA representative will determine if any of the allowable deductions should be subtracted from your annual income.

Annual income is the anticipated total income from all sources received from the family head and spouse, and each additional member of the family 18 years of age or older. The formula used in determining the resident’s portion of rent (TTP) is the highest of the following, rounded to the nearest dollar:

  • 30 percent of the monthly adjusted income. (Monthly Adjusted Income is annual income less deductions allowed by the regulations)
  • 10 percent of monthly income
  • A minimum rent of $50.00


In general, you may remain at Myrtle Terrace Apartments as long as you comply with the lease and all other rules and requirements.

Myrtle Terrace Apartments 55 W. Myrtle Street Belmont, NC 28012 Julia Armstrong, Site Manager 704.825.2446

Myrtle Terrace Apartments is a two-story building with thirty-two one-bedroom apartments located near downtown Belmont at the corner of N Central Street and W Myrtle Street. A property manager is on-site from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm on Mondays thru Thursdays and 10:00 am – 2:00 pm on Fridays. A part-time maintenance mechanic is assigned to the property and is available after hours for emergencies.

Eligibility Criteria
Myrtle Terrace Apartments
(Public Housing)

-Click here to use the eligibility calculator –

Calculate Your Estimated Annual Gross Income versus HUD’s Income Limits to see if you may qualify for public housing assistance. This calculation is an estimate only. GEM Management staff will perform an official calculation once you have been found to otherwise qualify. (Gross income must be less than the HUD income limits to qualify for assistance)

The Belmont Housing Authority is responsible for determining the eligibility of every individual and family admitted to the public housing program. Several factors must be verified and may affect the eligibility of the family or individual who is applying for housing assistance.

  1. Must qualify as a family as defined by HUD and the housing authority;
  2. Assistance is limited to low-income families and individuals;
  3. Annual gross income must be below limits set by HUD. Click here to see if you may qualify based on income.
  4. U.S. citizenship or eligible immigration status. Individuals must qualify on the basis of citizenship or the eligible immigrant status of family members. (Family members who declare citizenship or national status must submit a copy of birth certificates for each member of the house);
  5. The head of household must provide social security number information for all family members;
  6. The head of household must consent to the housing authority’s collection and use of family information as provided for in the housing authority provided consent forms;
  7. Current or past behavior of household members must not include activities that are prohibited by HUD or the housing authority. This is verified by criminal and credit reports.

Applicants will be placed on the waiting list according to any preference for which they qualify, and the date and time their complete application is received by the housing authority. BHA has established the following preferences:

  1. Victims of Hurricane Katrina – 4 points (selected from waiting list first)
  2. Working residents of Gaston County (includes elderly, disable, single) elderly and disabled have preference over single Gaston County working singles – 3 points
  3. Residents of Gaston County – 2 points
  4. All others – 1 point

BHA will send written notification of the preliminary eligibility determination within fourteen consecutive calendar days of receiving a complete application.

Placement on the Waiting List
Placement on the Myrtle Terrace Apartments waiting list does not indicate that the family is eligible for assistance. A final determination of eligibility will be made when the family is selected from the waiting list. Once selected from the waiting list, BHA will check your criminal history, credit history, landlord and other references to make sure you and your family will be good tenants. BHA will deny admission to any applicant whose habits and practices may be expected to have a detrimental effect on other tenants or on the project’s environment.

Income Eligible
Your family must have income at or below HUD-specified income limits.  HUD is required by law to set income limits that determine the eligibility of applicants for HUD’s assisted housing programs, including the housing choice voucher program.  The income limits are published annually and are based on HUD estimates of median family income in a particular area or county, with adjustments for the number of persons in a household.  The annual income limits are published at each management office and the Myrtle Terrace and Flowers Court managment offices. Income limits are also available on the HUD User website.

The public housing income limits for Gaston County are as follows:
Low-Income Limits (80% of Area Median Income)

Number of persons in household12345678

Myrtle Terrace Apartments
55 W. Myrtle Street
Belmont, NC 28012
(Elderly housing)

Pick up Application at the Myrtle Terrace Apartments

  • Obtain a printed application from Julia Armstrong, Site Manager at 55 W. Myrtle Street.
  • Complete the application in full. BHA cannot accept partial or incomplete applications;
  • The Site Manager will enter your application when received. Receipt of the application will determine your position on the waiting list.
  • You will be notified when you advance near the top of the waiting list.

What happens once my application has been accepted?
All applications must be time and date stamped to be accepted by BHA. The application is reviewed and placed on the Myrtle Terrace waiting list in the order that it was received and ranked according to federal and state mandate.

Assuming that you meet the preliminary requirements, you will be mailed a letter indicating that you have been placed on the waiting list.

This letter does not guarantee that you will be housed, but merely acknowledges that your application has been accepted and placed on the waiting list pending further verification.

Can I, as an applicant, call to inquire about my application?
You can call the Site Manager at 704-825-2446 during normal office hours to inquire about your application.

What happens if any of my information changes after my application has been submitted and I have been placed on the waiting list?
It is your responsibility to notify BHA of any changes in income family composition, employment status, address or phone number change, etc. You should contact the Myrtle Terrace Site Manager to update your application.

Failure to report any changes may cause your application to be purged from the waiting list and will require you to re-apply for housing at Myrtle Terrace. This will delay your possibility of being offered housing or assistance.

When will I receive an apartment?
Once your name comes to the top of the waiting list you will receive a letter from the property manager to attend a briefing. Here you will present all current verification of income, exclusions, etc. and final eligibility and rent will be determined. You will sign the lease, pay the rent deposit and any prorated rent if applicable and receive your key.

NOTE: Any correspondence from the Belmont Housing Authority does not guarantee that you will be issued a voucher. You must meet all screening criteria that the Belmont Housing Authority uses to determine if you will be issued a voucher.

Myrtle Terrace Apartments
(Elderly only – 62 and older)
(RD/Section 8)

For questions on the Myrtle Terrace Apartments waiting list contact:

Julia Armstrong, Site Manager at 704-825-2446 during normal office hours.